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Reformation Productions is a full service Buford marketing agency focused on helping small and regional business compete and grow in the marketplace in the most efficient and effective way possible. We believe the most efficient and effective way to get from Point A (your products/services) to Point B (your consumers) is a straight line. We call it Straight Line Marketing. It's the process of lining up your marketing efforts with your consumers' specific, targeted profile to communicate what they need to know, when making a purchasing decision, with who they are and how they like to be communicated with. Are your marketing dollars bringing you the most effective return on your investment?

With 18+ years of marketing and advertising consultation experience for client companies, Reformation Productions brings world-class knowledge to the local and regional business.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to marketing. No winging it. No guessing. We walk our clients through the steps necessary to ensure your marketing plan uses the most effective tools possible making for the most efficient use of your marketing dollars possible without fear and frustration. Buford Marketing.
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B. Zachary Bennett, the principal behind Reformation Productions, comes with a 20+ year career in advertising and marketing working to grow companies like Bank of America, The Limited, Vectren Corporation, TruGreen-ChemLawn, Terminix, Dick's Sporting Goods, Campbell's Foods, Gwinnett Medical Center, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Lowe's Home Improvement, Cracker Barrel, Homestead Villiage, Victoria's Secret, BP Solar, and more.

He started in the strategic planning and implementation of marketing plans which grew to include operations management and eventually provided opportunities to lend his creative talents to projects such as web design, radio, tv, and music composition for the companies his agency worked with.

In 2008, he left the corporate agency environment to start his own boutique consultation and production firm to provide these tools and his experience to companies directly in Buford.


  • Rob Donahue, Owner of Investigative Home Inspections & The North Georgia Business Connection


  • Reformation Productions did an awesome job on our website! Several clients have told me how user friendly and informative the site has been for them. Being blind, I especially like the voice over that helps describe what our agency is all about. The staff at Reformation Productions were very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us through the right way to market our business: getting to know ourselves and finding out more about our customers. I highly recommend their services.

    Tim Smith, Ash/Welborn Insurance

  • Our success is largely due to the great work that Reformation Productions did for us. I am unbelievably greatful for them... we became more than 1000% our original size....we grew 1000 times what we were! By helping us identify who we were and really helping us determine focus and then developing the tremendous!

    Stephanie Scott, The Win For Wyn Foundation

  • Reformation Productions came in, evaluated our situation with us and through talking with our customers, then made strategic recommendations that were on purpose and on target... our restaurant started growing within a few weeks of implementing some of those ideas.

    Larry Parker, Key West Bar & Grill

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B. Zachary Bennett President/CEO
Our fearless leader! Experienced, Direct, and Passionate. He leads all agency teams, does speaking engagements and workshops to help businesses understand how marketing works, and rides Harley-Davidsons for fun! Click here or his photo above to watch an interview with him.
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As a full service Buford marketing agency, we offer several consultation and creative services to our clients through a business partner type relationship as opposed to being a vendor. This is a change for most small business owners who normally rely on vendor relationships as opposed to developing consultant relationships in the manner of larger corporations. However, we are here to help bridge the gap between small and medium size business and corporate america. We offer the same services and expertise afforded to larger corporations in a way that smaller businesses can afford. Whether you have an immediate need in one of the following areas or you are ready to take your company to the next level, contact us to help grow your business.

Brand Identification & Development

Your brand is formed, or forming, in the mind of your consumers…Every company has a brand….whether they helped in creating it or not. People that know of your company, have an opinion… and their opinion is your brand in their eyes. A brand lives in the hearts & minds of a company’s public… including customers, clients, and prospects. It’s the sum of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can be involved in influencing and some that you can’t. If you want to influence their opinion of your company and what they tell others, and you do, then you need to participate in how your brand is formed. A positive, strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies each day. It's important to spend time investing in the identification and development of your company’s brand. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without. It’s step one of the Straight Line Marketing process.

Consumer Research

Understanding your customers, clients, and prospects is vital to building a strategy and creating a marketing campaign. The more quality research you conduct and understand, the more targeted your efforts can be. And being targeted saves you from making mistakes … costly mistakes, in creative and in strategy. Getting to know your consumers with these goals in mind, is step two of our Straight Line Marketing process.

Campaign Concepting & Development

After we identify and understand who you are, what you’re about, who your customers are, what they like, and how they live, work, and play, you have the valuable intel necessary to build your creative…you know what your message should be. Now that you know what it is, you need to figure out how to say it. Concepting is the process of developing how that message is spoken from a creative stand point. A campaign is how that concept will be carried out consistently throughout all communication materials and processes your company has with the public. It is a large part of the THINK stage, step three of the Straight Line Marketing process. Having creative that speaks to your consumers in a way that will cause them to react positively to your brand is a top goal of all your marketing processes. All of your marketing tools and processes should reflect the current campaign in order to support for branding efforts.

Strategic Planning and Development

Ok, so you have your brand identified, your consumer researched, and your campaign concepted. Now you need to determine what are the most cost effective ways to reach your consumers in an effort to promote your service or product, company brand, etc. There are numerous tools out there, some you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t, that can help you accomplish this… but you need to know which ones, how to prioritize them within your budget, how to utilize each tool to them best of it’s ability, and what will yield you the best return on investment… that is the most efficient use of your money. This is part two of the THINK stage within our Straight Line Marketing process.

Recruitment and Internal Marketing

Sometimes called HR Advertising, this is about influencing your most valuable assets… your employees. How do you attract the right people to work at your company? How do you reach them? How do you keep them? How do you train them to know how to represent your brand? Each employee should be a walking representative of your company’s brand. Reformation Productions can help with Linkedin, Monster, local Help Wanted advertising, recruitment web sites and targeted splash pages, orientation packages and video, training and safety tutorials, etc.

Mobile Marketing

With everyone on the go now-a-days, it’s no wonder there are so many products that support our lifestyles: iphone, android, smart phones, tablets, etc. There are several ways companies can use these devises in their marketing efforts: mobile applications, instant response text marketing, VIP text clubs, etc. Reformation Productions stays up-to-date on the latest technology to bring it to your company’s strategy if it fits the bill.

Event Marketing

If you are going to attend an event, sponsor an event, or put on your own event, you need to do it in a way that best supports your brand. There are many tools: event booths, collateral to hand out at the event, uniforms for your employees to wear at the event, displays and videos to help you stand out from the crowd. Reformation Productions can handle all the creative and make sure that it fits who you are and what you should be presentating to best communicate with your customers.

Current Communications Critiques

Maybe you are a Marketing Director or Business Owner that has been running your marketing program for some time and you’d like a second opinion to see where your communication tools stand? Is your campaign the most effective that it can be? Are your advertising efforts in line with the best practices of the marketing industry? Are you missing any opportunities? Is there anything you could tweak to make your creative more on target or a better representative of your brand? Reformation Productions offers marketing communications critiques to evaluate all your marketing tools that you currently have and to provide you with an expert second opinion as to your efforts. Contact us for more details.

Broadcast (Radio & Video Production)

By far, the most recognizable and popular forms of traditional advertising are radio and tv advertising. But they can also be some of the most expensive. You want to make sure they are done in the most effective and efficient ways possible to bring you the most return-on-investment (ROI) possible. Reformation Productions is a full service agency which means we have video, radio, photography, web, and graphic design capabilities in-house. Many agencies farm out to video production companies for tv commercials, web videos, documentaries, orientation videos, etc.. We have these capabilities in-house, which means costs savings for our clients. Our creative department also has the capability of composing, arranging, performing, recording, and producing radio jingles, radio spots, film scoring, voice overs, and original music for use in your marketing efforts in our in-house recording studio. In house capabilities not only ensure cost savings but also consistency in efforts.

Web Design

The most important marketing tool in a company’s arsenal is their website. It’s their real estate on the internet. A company’s website is often the first and last place that a customer will look before making a purchasing decision. All other marketing efforts point to your company web site. It’s where they receive details at their own pace; where they are free to take in who you are and make their subconscious decision about your brand and your products; and find out how to move forward. There are several best practice standards for web design and several options when it comes to building your company’s space on the web. Our agency will help you determine which options suit your brand and your budget best and then build you an impressive business website that represents who you are, while communicating to your visitors in a way that will be the most effective in your goals.

Point of Services/Point of Sales Collateral

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to reach your consumers with your brand message? Reformation Productions can help you create the right materials to do just that. Yard Signs, Leave Behinds, Restaurant Menus, Table Top Displays, In-store Signage and Video, VIP and Loyalty Programs, Brochures, Business Cards, Stationary, Business Forms, and many other POS communication materials that can help reach new customers and turn current customers into brand ambassadors for your company.

Direct / Relationship Marketing

There are many forms of direct / relationship marketing that may be a fit for your company’s strategy: Direct Mail, Post Cards, Referral Programs, HTML E-mail Systems, Door Hangers, Targeted Splash Pages, Drip Campaigns, and more. But they must be created and implemented to be the most effective they can be. At Reformation Productions, that’s what we do…help you create the best tools possible within your budget and to utilize them in the most efficient manner possible.

Social Media

Social Media is relatively new and there is quite the buzz about using it. However, many businesses simply do not understand how to use these sites and opportunities and how they fit into the marketing spectrum. While social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Blogger, Blog Spot, and others may seem easy to set up, free, and easy to maintain, there are many rules to social media both said and unsaid. And how these sites operate is constantly changing. Reformation Productions can help you understand social media, establish and maintain your company’s social media presence in a way that is turn-key for you and within all the guidelines.

Print Advertising

The print industry has changed. What once was an important option for every company, must now be evaluated and decided upon strategically. Which print option fits your strategy best? National Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Free Publications, Niche Magazines, Trade Directories and Periodicals, etc. Still a powerful marketing media, but due to costs, your company must decide the most efficient ways to use the options available and your creative must be the most effective it can be to make the most of your investment. We love print, but just like any tool, it must be chosen wisely.

Outdoor Advertising

Many companies forget about the benefits of Outdoor Advertising and the fact that their usage should be consistent with your brand and advertising campaign. Billboard Advertising, Postering, In Theater Advertising, Vehicle Wraps, Retail Signage, Flyer Distribution, and Stadium Sponsorships are all forms of Outdoor Advertising. When is it advisable to use which avenue? Is the creative you have made specifically for that usage? Give Reformation Productions a call to help with your signage and outdoor advertising.

Public Relations

PR is the solicitation and manipulation of unpaid media. When using advertising, you control the content of what the public sees buy purchasing space on the radio/TV or in the publication. In Public Relations, a company sends out press releases or holds press conferences to try to obtain free space in a publication….however, the media controls the content. So while, it maybe less expensive, there is a chance that your message, your “story,” won’t get picked up. If you decide to use PR, your message must be “newsworthy” to the publication…a newsworthy story helps the chances of getting picked up by media. Your PR release or conference must be structured around this. While we are not a full service PR agency, the likes of which handle celebrities, we do offer PR Services to our clients including writing PR releases and sending them out in solicitation to seleced media. Reformation Productions' clients have been picked up on The Fish radio, WAGA-TV, GPTV, and several local magazines and internet newspapers.


Below are the logos of some of our clients so that you can see some of who we work with. The first few, you can click on the logos to see some of the work we've done with them. This section is under improvements at all times, so if our work isn't shown under a particular logo, you can bet we're working on getting it up for you.

V-log; Reformation Productions Video Blogging

Reformation Productions V-log 5; Ash Welborn Insurance
Reformation Productions worked with Ash Welborn Insurance to update their website using a newly defined brand. Projects included: Brand Development, Web Design, Copywriting, Video Production, and more.____
Reformation Productions V-log 4; Restaurant Marketing
Reformation Productions worked with Laguna Mexican Grill, Key West Bar & Grill, and Moondance Restaurant & Lounge to launch and grow their restaurants. Projects included: Brand Development, Consumer Research, Creative Concepting, Menu Design, Menu Photography, Social Media Management, Table Tents, Vehicle Wrap, Billboard, Print Advertising, Public Relations, Collateral Materials, Program Development, Web, and more.____
Reformation Productions V-log 3; The Win For Wyn Foundation
Reformation Productions worked with The Win For Wyn Foundation to grow their foundation more than 10X what it was. Projects included: Corporate Identity Package (business cards, stationary, etc.), Public Relations, Collateral Materials, Print Advertising, Program Development, Video, Web, and more.____
Reformation Productions V-log 2; Chantelar Publishing; A Redneck's Guide
Reformation Productions worked with Chantelar Publishing to launch the release of "A Redneck's Guide To Being A Christian" by author, Jeff Todd. Project included the Straight Line Marketing Process and yielded the following tools/strategies: Web, Video, Public Relations, Point of Sale, and Social Media Management. ____
Reformation Productions V-log 1; DVD Project for multiple clients
Reformation Productions filmed an industry hair show for several companies that participated and produced a DVD of the event. The project included live videography, music composition, editing, titling, DVD cover and disc package design, and other post-production.____


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